About us

Short history
LivePR was established in 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic by Michal Houdek, former Senior PR manager at Dataconsult CZ. Michal was managing Apple, AMD, Kingston, Logitech, TOSHIBA and CES Las Vegas. Jan Dobrovsky who was previously managing Social Media at ReifesenBank joined in 2011.

How do we work
We see our clients as our colleagues, which means we are doing maximum to raise business for the client. Therefore we don’t see our work being limited to hours that the client pays for, but we constantly come with ideas on how to actually raise the business and grow visibility together with brand recognition. We do not focus on quantity, but we have quality as our main measure.

PR Live system
We do value time that we can spend with journalists and in the field. Therefore we use an online PR system to manage almost all execution and thanks to this, we are still up to date with what is happening and our clients always get data on time.